Who are we?

The Syrian Youth Assembly (SYA) is a platform of young Syrians working together on peace-building and development for Syria. The Assembly was set up by a number of Syrian youth present at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016.

What is our goal?

We work with the Syrian youth on mobilise to influence and participate in the Syrian peace process. and to supported bring peace and rebuild Syria and to empower young people and build their capacity to participate in the process of reviving peace in Syria, in addition to giving them the opportunity to train themselves and expand their perceptions through online virtual learning to support their opportunities in the labor market.

As such, the initiative is fully youth-led (18-35 years old) as we work on involving the youth in the Syrian Peace Talks. In this regards, the SYA work under the Security Council Resolution 2250 and 2419 on Youth, Peace and Security, which encourages the participation of young people in peace processes especially in the Syrian peace talks process where SYA is a part of the civil society room.

Our work on integrating Syrian youth in the political and social sphere consists of, the following aims and objectives:

  1. Cultivate a comprehensive awareness about peace processes for Syrian youth, advocating for peace and protection of civilians in Syria
  2. Support young people in gaining a better understanding in regards to the interlinkages between local, regional, international levels and support them in understanding the real potential for youth engagement at all levels and specifically within the Syrian plight and society and Support the systematic inclusion, engagement and partnership with youth, in all phases of humanitarian action regarding Syria.
  3. Support young refugees and spread their success stories to the world and Support youth involvement at the international and decision-making level by creating bridges between the international community and Syrian youth.
  4. Recognize and strengthen the capacities and capabilities of Syrian youth in order to make them effective humanitarian actors, as well as empower local youth-led initiatives.
  5. Raise awareness about the specific challenges faced by civilians, particularly women and children, in the Syrian context.

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