Our decisions grow with us

Our decisions grow with us

I don't think that anybody’s childhood passed by without standing in his little body confusing for hours in front of the huge shelves, to picked by himself one of the serves or the tempting games. Even when our personalities excelled and awareness get high and matter to us to grow old and sight the light away from colores and the colorful dreams, and thought with repeating again and again before we buy a book or clothe or even a meal that stimulates our desires. and not get away from our head how many nights had been stolen from our ages and the ghost thought about the study, work, travel or even choose our partner that fit our minds. the life of yesterday was arranging, totally arranging as our priorities monotonous, walking smoothly.. for that, the childhood and the passion of exploration become first... then school and education secondly.. after that college and ambition.. work and money, and after that marriage, family, and kids... and the circle around and around... as long as we grow up and our priorities increased.. as long as we grow and our decisions become more difficult. but today i don't feel that our decisions and ages growth the same tune that we used to, and not walking in the cosmic smooth that we earned it by our instinct. maybe there is a mess!! a timeless mess!! ... it has become normally the child to choose “a war kidnaped his innocent and stoled his parents from him” or between hold n his neat shoulder his school bag or discomfort to support his brother's orphans. and the young man has to compelled to live his entire life between war’s fire and the smell of gunpowder or behind the bars of alienation and the crippling nostalgia, not to mention the worried of his family and hopefully coming back whatever his choice was. even a young girl become obliged to accept one of marriage opportunities that become less and many cases not encouraging, and acting early higher workloads of its ability, and give up her ambition and forget her right of educate, or hold on with her ambition , thoughts, and her independent and looking for her self in the chaos of foolish society to mention at her after all the trouble as “successful sprinter”!! also the guardian father on the gate of one of the facilities that his duty to work harder in the morning, and at night at his dilapidated chair and almost an open eyes to pay for the fat merchant of war the rent of the protectors small room that he and his big family live in, from the cold of tents who slapped the bodies of many other wae-displaced in camps. and here the mother whom fight for her own femininity and motherhood, take back her strength martyr husband, and fight in workplace that becomes uphill in wae’s time, even on men, to feel their orphans of some good at leas in days that look like their father’s laugh, that the bullet of bloody war stole it. and this man jumps with his messy dreams and throaty whistle from the survivor boat into drowning, to face with his barely hands the heavy waves, and pray for the baby born in his mother’s lap see with his small eyes first or last view the remaining for him of hope in life. I don't know exactly when we grow up our decision grow also with us, and the choose getting harder??? or our decision is basically bigger than us and born in a time where was bigger and we should really grow with it to choose?? god’s welling totally will put us in front of new destiny and new design too, and then our instinct and emotions, senses or minds, or maybe our manners and traditions will lead us. and maybe we will always think that our decision by sacrificing is a good one or a lot of doubts will come in mind that we are wrong, but the umpire always said (god’s goodness) and our deep faith in it. so among all the crowding and chaos around us, let's raise our confusing hands into a god, and whisper without losing heart; (god choose for us not let us choose from the most beloved to our heart, cause the cream of what you choose for us) (God has the best in our destinies, satisfaction and then happiness in everything .... )

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