In life we discover that everybody suffers from loneliness from isolation .. internal convergence .. we discover that everybody need warm.. to truely love .. and a true friendship .. and find out that what you living inside you, I do live it inside me .. without giving it to you or you tell me anything.. our lives are not just a replicas .. but everyone got his own vision for the life and the special color for her .. so we discover that we are sharing with all psychological an spiritual needs. so why we don't love in honest !! why not, just stop falling who believing in use even they are not the focus of our hope. why we can't make true friendships !! instead of spreading the culture of friendship of stakeholders .. “ we all need each other ” .. so be the light that broke someone’s darkness, why not being the tendon that give other melody a new color .. and why not cut out our loneliness by our honest life .. faithfully.. honestly deal .. honestly love.

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