“The camp”

“The camp”

(The camp) when this designation passes by me it makes me feel a strange feeling its difficult feeling that cant describe or embodies, its a new feeling came out from mixing the most exact extremism feeling to other sets of colors that will show to you anew color, and each party will try to show them self and overwhelmed the others but the darkness or one of their soldiers win at the end.‎ also, the sorrow (the most extremism feelings) always win when it comes about the camp, that place thrilled even of its silence its full of feelings and sensations, overflowing of hopes, dreams, stuffed of the ideas and the simple inventions, crowed with stories and novels, cheers of words and silents thumbs. It embodies all the colors of silent suffering. ‎ mud, cold, tented tents and a separated love story because of the displacement and the camp re-read it again, because all the camps are similar by molecules, and all are similar in cause, and the guaranteed are similar in the legacy of civilization where the grandfather handle in the key and the grandmother storytelling the story where there is nothing only emptiness waiting from the time limit and nothing but it.‎ and its closer to be a cemetery where people killed while they are still alive for the hope of victory and come back one day, where all the frivolous attempts completed to bury the idea and kill the dream, its a hanging place between dead and life because there is no honor death nor quite a life.‎ its a place full of continues stress, the stress of summertime and wintertime, the stress in the day and night, in food and clothes, but they continuously vow that grievance camp is better than military rule.

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