The origin of things is immaculate

The origin of things is immaculate

A lot of information comes to our minds every day, information that we store, and information that we unintentionally neglect. Today, I heard a piece of fiqh information that I have heard over and over again, but it was never this beautiful. Fiqh, usually or as I saw it, was a little rigid or at least not much preferred by me, but this time I heard this information in a different way, as if the dust that had accumulated on its words has been shaken off. Well, I will not go any further, let us directly get more information. (The origin of things is immaculate), a sentence in the book of fiqh which is not seen by many from this angle, only the creative thinking mind can see it. Our origin is pure or we are pure innately, so our life begins with intact innate until we are exposed to any malice which we are affected even a little by. However, God's mercy is wider to be narrowed down on us. There's always a way to return. Glorified be God who opened the door of repentance. Repentance in fiqh corresponds to pureness, which removes any trace of impurity, and it brings us back to our immaculate state after we stray away from the righteous path. I will now move from talking about immaculateness to talking about its means, the only means that represents us and without it, we can’t live, it's water which God created, and from which created everything alive. However, is all water cleansing? Well, the human body consists of 70% water. By classifying water, we can also classify humans into three categories: First: the clean, cleansing water: It's the water that no impurity has overtaken. It remains pure as it originally is, one of its advantages is that it also cleanses other things, exactly like a good human being who corrects and guides others, and passes his knowledge to them, this category is the finest and purest. Second: the clean, non-cleansing water: It's pure water in itself, but this category doesn't cleanse other things, like a good human being on the inside, but unfortunately, he doesn't pass his knowledge to others and let them have some benefits, as if he doesn't know that the knowledge expands when you pass it to others. Third and last: the unclean water: It's the water that's originally unusable, like a bad human being on the inside. His intentions and actions are bad and if he gets close to something he removes its purity, one has no good use of him as well, neither as a companion nor a friend in this world. We always have that miraculous situation even in likening water to humans. There's water which is not like any other water, and a human who is not like any other human, Zamzam water is the purest water in this world, prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) whose chest was opened and whose heart was purified by angels by God's command, to be the cresset of purity, purifying the universe from evil and profanity, as he purified us from ignorance by his arrival. At the end I say: don't accept to be pure by yourself only, follow your chosen prophet and be pure and purifying, in order to be the finest and purest after him (peace be upon him).

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