the awareness campaigns in the variety of social media is important but not enough at all!

the awareness campaigns in the variety of social media is important but not enough at all!

international children’s day, international women’s day. many days and international occasions had multiplied and unity in their target, to find a society that involved justice and peace on all the societies difference categories. and on these occasions its accompanied different awareness campaigns in the social media and also on the television and Rdio, these campaigns are important but, here is the story! in the situation of my work, it depends sometimes on a visit to some Syrian families in Istanbul's city, for many reasons and the most is children’s education. I'm writing here and don't generalize at all, its situations from a society who lives eight years between war and displacement, killed and kidnapping, smuggling and asylum. maybe these situations could be a way of life inherent from the tradition, or from the bitterness that earned from last years. (Mr. Fathi m.) a 40 year old man with the teeth that are so harmful from years from necrosis and decay that found it almost black, a father for eleven child the oldest got his nineteenth year, living in a house with three rooms and a small bowl that not containing the term of good health to live in an old popular neighborhood the middle layer lives in it. five daughters, and six boys half of them working in collecting metal and glass tools from the carbage, a hard living conditions for a family that many of them had to choose from a tourist city to asylum in it. a story of persecution the female that you don't know just started from this home.. from that whom her father abandoned her from the right of educating when she is thirteen years old as an excuse of the society, the promised marriage, and end with that having eleven children and got no right to inter in their business and help in writing their future that she dreamed of. the father indeed found that many of his children are not enough but he aspires to become twenty, not a joke, he was serious about that. the hard living as it is didn't make Fathi think twice about dealing with his family i that way as he said, but its a tradition that heritage from his grandfathers and nothing change in it as he shows his point. (Fathi) and who is also got the same ideas is a lot in this society and got great work on show the bad of the children labor and deprivation them from the right of childhood that considers it the right of educating. a lot of unknowledge or darkness, a lot of that situation that regrets it from the bottom of the heart.. a lot of pain... and I am very sure that everything shown in the modern social media of awareness about the most important subjects like child labor or the violence on women and the importance of education, was not helpful with 1%... you maybe don't believe the number! because of the center that you live in got all the modern techniques starting with the smartphone to the laptop you inter from it and ending with the newspaper, television, or the radio you listen to it every day with joy! this problem was introduced and the challenge to find a helpful solutions o cut the lesion from the root, and see the reservoirs in supporting the associations and the local institutions by media and logistical to the initiative in finding projects that target parents by trying to change the unknowledge thoughts before the next generation inherited it.

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