Screaming voices

tired tears

painful pain

tired surgeon

hopefully hearts‏

behind closed doors

and naked walls

from the bottom screaming

devoting to her god

humiliated praying‏

to her soul consistency

with sweet nice words‏

that dreams hidden

behind taught roads‏

oh yes she is scared‏

from lost hearts

and floundering souls

between a true exhausted reality‏

and expanding goals

but if she knocks down her strength‏

and dig deep in her self

you will see her fly away

searching for happiness

glowing and lighting‏

like a sun in her shining

lived in the hops widen sky

scarcely by life's darkness

rose-colored and laughed

like flowers in her fragrance

from a soil watering with flowery love‏

from a dreamy soul healing

waiting for an initiative from us

with successful productive

and a passionate active‏

and a mind willing of life‏

live in it with all of it‏

from its passionate and joyful‏

from it ecstasy and groans


#Syrian_Youth_Voices Opinion articles which are published in the Syrian Youth Assembly do not express the viewpoint of this foundation. They only express the viewpoints of the writers.


Tasneem Al-Zaree

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