Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier

We are the heroes of the crisis!
Unknown soldiers of a war that made us adults with childhood's spirit and youth's indiscretion.
We lived all of our stages in one single stage.
You find us now lost in life's maze.
We are not children to take things simply, so that our greatest matter would be to get a toy!.
We are not teenagers, so that our sins would be forgiven and buried in the soil of our mixed hormones!.
We are not adults who have the will to perform miracles!.
We are not elders whom their lives have taken the path they made for themselves to settle for it!.
Not even that old to have more wisdom than books have!.
Life has painted our souls using the colours of all the stages, for this we seemed inconsistent, fragmented, and lost, we strive for stability, but we are from the deepest paintings.
The loss of peace has numbed us, but our resistance to the hypnotist's serum has awakened us to complete our life To shout with the loudest voice behind the curtain of our memories, and to put our fingerprint no matter how many crises have scattered us.
We were an example that embodies this phrase: (They buried us, they didn't know that we were the seeds.) Yes, we are the nineties generation.
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سعاد الشيخ عثمان

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