kiron Program

kiron Program

 للقراءة في اللغة العربية أضغط هنا 

  • Syrian Youth Assembly and Kiron Open Higher Education have partnered because we both believe that education can change lives, transform communities, and build bridges. Kiron has developed an online learning platform, called Kiron Campus, to ensure that our students receive free access to high-quality education for academic, professional and personal growth.


    • Study anywhere online
    • Professional skills
    • Unlimited Places
    • Enrol anytime
    • Get a certificate


  • Choose from hundreds of high quality online programs, such as: 
    • Learn programming with Python
    • Google IT Support Professional Certificate
    • Start your own online business
    • Web design
    • Policy-making
    • The foundations of teaching I/II


  • Whether you want to prepare for the job market, for university or are a life-long learner, there will be something for you. 


  • Enrol now, learn professional skills and get a certificate in your area of interest, for free!






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