Involve Syrian youth in the peacebuilding

Involve Syrian youth in the peacebuilding

During the past period, the Assembly has worked with the Syrian youth to enable the active participation of Syrian youth in the Syrian peace process on the social and political level through:

1- Rehabilitation and training
We work with Syrian youth through a range of programs on issues of effective citizenship, dialogue skills, facilitation, nonviolent communication, advocacy and community leadership. These programs are available online or in different locations in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and within the EU.
By strengthening peacebuilding capacity of young people, we aim to enable them to be more effective in the work they do locally and thus to strengthen the voice of young people who work for peace.

2- Mobilizing youth and advocacy
Our teams mobilize youth, organizes youth civic engagement and campaigns to advocate for youth participation in the Syrian peace process.
Through our advocacy activities, we aim to formulate international policies and practices on peacebuilding, and to promote enabling environments for young peacebuilders working at local and national levels.

3. Involve youth in the peace process under the auspices of the United Nations
We are working on the participation of Syrian youth in the peace process within the civil society room of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, which is holding its work in Geneva.

4.Organize consultations, reports and recommendations
Over the past period, our team has worked on organizing questionnaires, interviews, youth consultations, reporting and recommendations to the UN and policy makers.

5. Debate Club
The Assembly organizes an online discussion club with Syrian youth and includes Syrian youth from Syria and abroad.


You can participate in one of these activities through direct contact with us via e-mail.


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