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The Syrian Youth Assembly works on three main themes in all its projects and programs with Syrian youth.

First: Involve Syrian youth in the peacebuilding process

  • Rehabilitation and training
  • We work with Syrian youth through a range of programs on issues of effective citizenship, dialogue skills, facilitation, nonviolent communication, advocacy and community leadership. These programs are available online or in different locations in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and within the EU. By strengthening the peacebuilding capacity of young people, we aim to enable them to be more effective in the work they do locally and thus to strengthen the voice of young people who work for peace.

    By strengthening the peacebuilding capacity of young people, we aim to enable them to be more effective in the work they do locally and thus to strengthen the voice of young people who work for peace.

  • Mobilizing youth and advocacy
  • Our team mobilizes youth, organizes youth civic engagement and campaigns to advocate for youth participation in the Syrian peace process.

    Through our advocacy activities, we aim to formulate international policies and practices on peacebuilding, and to promote enabling environments for young peacebuilders working at local and national levels.

  • Involve youth in the peace process under the auspices of the United Nations
  • We are working on the participation of Syrian youth in the peace process within the civil society room of the UN Special Envoy for Syria, which is holding its work in Geneva.

  • Organize consultations, reports and recommendations
  • Over the past period, our team has worked on organizing questionnaires, interviews, youth consultations, reporting and recommendations to the UN and policy makers.

    You can see previous reports here

    1. Brief Study On Youth Opinions Regarding the Peace Talks On SyriaHere

    2. Recommendations Regarding the Peace Talks On SyriaHere

  • Debate Club
  • The Assembly organizes an online discussion club with Syrian youth and includes Syrian youth from Syria and abroad.

Second: Education and Development

  • Virtual education programs for young people
  • Since 2018, the Syrian Youth Assembly has been working in partnership with the Coursera Virtual Education Platform to provide Syrian youth with access to higher education in terms of life and work skills provided by a group of universities and international companies.It includes 14 different Coursera catalog with more than 3600 courses and we have been able to date Achieving high numbers, where the beneficiaries of the program achieved more than 350.000 hours of study and was benefited by more than 70 thousand courses through the program.

    The cultural exchange program is offered in cooperation from the Netherlands with Sharing Perspectives Foundation and supported by Erasmus Plus, where more than 600 young Syrians participated during the program in two sessions during 2019.

    The Syrian Youth Assembly has enabled Syrian youth inside and outside Syria to benefit from the kiron open higher education program from Germany and contributed more than 2,000 people to the program.

    The gathering contributed to the participation of more than 600 young Syrians to benefit from the educational programs offered by the Niuversity Foundation on e-marketing and entrepreneurship.

  • Scholarships
  • 100 full scholarships for undergraduate study were offered online in collaboration with the university of the people from USA.

  • Training
  • We are working on a number of trainings in Berlin in collaboration with a range of partners in the fields of entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Third: Awareness and campaigns

Online awareness through social networking sites and through the organization of specialized campaigns on specific issues or public awareness on issues of peace and the needs and needs of Syrian youth, and all campaigns through the channels of social networking through the social media where the reach of more than 300,000 followers.

The Voices of Syrian Youth campaign, through which we were able to publish a lot of articles, photos and videos written and designed by young people directly. This campaign contributed to give Syrian youth a safe space to share ideas, challenges, difficulties and successes achieved by youth in Syria. Through the campaign, more than 50 young men and women participated.

International Participations Within international conferences, a team of Syrian youth participate in international and local conferences related to youth affairs, peacebuilding around the world and work through these participants to communicate the voices of young people to decision makers, awareness and building companies.

The group organizes a number of campaigns to support youth, refugee and women issues and cooperates with many international organizations in various campaigns. The Syrian Youth Assembly is a member of the#withrefugees coalition organized by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and campaigns on the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations and with the The United Network of Young Peacebuilders.


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